• NorthBay Healthcare bloggers write on topics from healthcare reform to the latest in trauma and emergency services. The goal is to keep our patients and the public educated and informed. Some blogs are updated twice a week, while others are bi-weekly. All blogs have easy links to allow readers to subscribe to the blog feed and get an alert each time a new blog is posted.
  •  HCIbar2 

    Gary PassamaGary Passama, president and CEO of NorthBay Healthcare, draws on his 30-plus years in administration to comment on health care and the politics and social influences that surround it.



    ctc  ctc2 

    A mission to inform readers about NorthBay Healthcare Foundation’s decades-long history of community-building activities.




    ngoUrologist Dr. Tin Ngo specializes in men’s health and will post “In the Know with Dr. Ngo” blogs every other Wednesday. 




     weber banner weber 

    Dr. Lauren Weber is a family practice physician and woman’s health specialist and will post: “Women’s Health  with Dr. Weber”




    pcc Palliative Care Corner  

    Palliative Care Corner is written by a team of writers including Nurse Practitioner Marianne Wachalovsky, Chaplain Gretchen Shilts, Medical Director Terry Van Aken, M.D., Director of Continuum of Care Services Patty Kramer and LCSW Valerie Froman to give the public a greater understanding about the care of chronic illness and end of life issues.