Chest Pain CenterChestpain

    NorthBay Medical Center is designated as a Chest Pain Center, Solano's heart attack treatment center and the destination for all patients in the county with sudden onset chest pain. The staff in the emergency department are trained and organized to rapidly assess patients who present with chest pain. When it is determined that a patients pain is due to a Heart Attack, the care team has a full array of advanced treatments at their disposal to rapidly treat the patient and avoid as much damage to heart muscle as possible.

    Heart Diagnostic Testing

    State-of-the-art diagnostic technology is designed for rapid diagnosis of heart conditions. Reliable and timely results assist your physicians in making the best treatment recommendations for your specific needs. NorthBay Healthcare offers a full range of diagnostic procedures including:

     CathLabBalloon Angiography /Interventional Cardiology

    Balloon Angiography, (also known as Interventional Cardiology and PCI) procedures are minimally invasive procedures performed by interventional cardiologists who use small incisions and a catheter, as opposed to traditional open surgery. These procedures have dramatically expanded treatment and diagnostic options for heart disease and can be used when there is minimal blockage of blood vessels. In addition, a small coil called a stent may be inserted to keep the artery open.

    Cardiac Tests and Procedures  Antioplasty Animation 

    Download the Patient Guide for a complete description of the heart surgery patient's journey, from hospital admission through recovery.

    Heart Surgery

    NorthBay offers the only heart surgery program in Solano County and is led by highly regarded cardiovascular surgeons, who treat a full spectrum of heart conditions using some of the most advanced surgical techniques, including "beating" heart surgery, and endoscopic vein harvesting. In fact, more than 85% of cardiac bypass surgeries are done while the heart is beating (off-pump), which means fewer complications down the road. Our heart surgery team includes not only experienced surgeons and anesthesiologists, but also highly trained clinical and other staff -- all focused on providing excellent patient care and outcomes. Our new cardiovascular operating room is among the most technologically advanced, dedicated heart surgery suites in Northern California.

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    Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab Cardia Rehab

    Patients recovering from heart or lung conditions gain control over their health with nationally certified NorthBay Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs. Comprehensive, nurse-supervised exercise and education programs help patients recover quickly and safely, gaining self-confidence and strength to return to daily activities. Patients with new and chronic illnesses learn to manage their disease and address risk factors to enhance quality of life and prevent disability.

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    VascularMinimally Invasive Vascular Treatment

    Treatments for vascular disease can increasingly be performed as minimally invasive endovascular procedures that don't require surgery. Peripheral angioplasties, treatment for severely blocked arteries outside the heart, are performed in NorthBay new interventional lab, which is also used for diagnostic cardiac catheterizations. Several procedures can be performed, including renal, upper and lower extremity artery angioplasties.

     Peripheral Arterial Disease 

    Vascular Surgery

    NorthBay Healthcare offers stenting of the abdominal artery, the renal arteries, and the upper and lower extremity arteries. The vascular surgery team provides revascularization treatments that can alleviate lower extremity claudication. Those treatments include laser arthrectomy, angioplasty or stenting. If needed, bypass of those arteries can be performed with a short post operative stay. Our vascular surgeon also offers vein stripping.

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    Stroke Program

    If you or a loved one should suffer a stroke, NorthBay Healthcare is ready to help at our Fairfield and Vacaville facilities. Thanks to a partnership with the Mercy Neurological Institute of Greater Sacramento, NorthBay’s program uses high-tech robots to allow our Emergency Department staff to communicate with neurologists in Sacramento, making life-saving decisions 24/7. NorthBay can stabilize stroke patients and offer more advanced treatment options, or elect to send them to another facility, should specialized interventions or surgery be necessary.

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