• Lactation Support Services

    Our highly trained and well-respected Certified Lactation Consultants offer expert guidance and support to ensure breastfeeding is a positive experience for you and your new baby.

    We can help with any breastfeeding challenges you may face including
    positioning, latch-on and milk production.

    Our Services:

    • Private, one-on-one lactation consultations and follow-up appointments.
    • Phone lactation support - often same day.
    • Weekly breastfeeding support groups.

     Concerns we address may include - but are not limited to:

    • sore nipples
    • preemies
    • fussiness
    • engorgement
    • low milk supply
    • slow weight gain
    • breast surgery
    • pumping
    • back to work

    Our Cindy Stadelactation team is made up of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). For breastfeeding concerns, call our lactation specialists

    at 707.646.5024.