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    Working Collaboratively Where We Live and Work

    NorthBay Healthcare leads the way in providing advanced medicine to the people of Solano County. Our commitment to excellence, and the depth and breadth of our services, reflect that.

    combengroupAs a part of our mission, NorthBay Healthcare developed its first community benefits plan in 1988, fulfilling Senate Bill 697 reporting requirement, but simply continuing our long history of community initiatives.

    We pursue our mission by being a pillar of the Solano Coalition for Better Health. We understand that adequate housing and nutrition, education, employment and a feeling of hope and well-being also impact community wellness.  By working with the Coalition, NorthBay Healthcare is able to reach beyond the walls to address community health needs beyond hospital care.

    Contained in our annual Benefits Plan is a needs assessment of the community which guides a wide services and initiatives targeting the community needs, and a lengthy summary of our community service programs. You can access the entire plan by clicking the link on the right.