• Breast Cancer Programs

    Earlier detection and advances in cancer treatment continue to help women with breast cancer live longer and better lives. With a coordinated approach from diagnosis through treatment and recovery, NorthBay Cancer Center offers the latest technology and treatments in a convenient, supportive environment.

    Advanced imaging capabilities and diagnostic technology including breast MRI are often recommended for high risk patients. Digital mammography features an innovative computer-assisted detection system. Breast tomosynthesis, (also known as 3-D mammography) takes multiple low-dose images of the breast and synthesizes them into a three-dimensional image allowing the radiologist to examine the breast in very thin layers. For a woman with dense breasts a 3-D mammogram often means fewer “call backs” for additional mammographic views, fewer unnecessary biopsies, and better detection of  abnormal cells.  3D mammography screening is available at SDI in Vacaville.  

    Our fully accredited cancer treatment program brings together the expertise of surgeons, medical oncologists, radiologists and pathologists to design the best treatment strategy for each woman. Remaining active in clinical trials keeps NorthBay Cancer Center specialists on the cutting edge of cancer therapy.

    Newer chemotherapy regimens and targeted therapies are more effective and better tolerated. Genetic testing and tailoring allow oncologists to determine which patients are most likely to benefit from chemotherapy. Hormone-based therapy can reduce recurrence for many patients.

    Breast Care Conference patient coordinator to personally assist every breast cancer patient to facilitate care and coordinate appointments and services. 

    Up-to-date surgical procedures ease recovery and decrease complications with an emphasis on breast conserving therapies, including sentinel lymph node biopsy.

    Our oncoplastic surgeon combines the techniques of breast cancer surgery and reconstruction for the best outcomes for patients.

    NorthBay Rehabilitation lymphedema management program helps reduce swelling and improve range of motion after surgery.

    NorthBay Wound Center Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is available to help wounds heal after surgery or radiation therapy.