• NorthBay Healthcare Business Office

    Managing Your Hospital Bill

    As part of a non-profit, community-based hospital system, NorthBay Healthcare representatives want to work with you and your family to help you understand and manage your medical bills.

    Please call us with any questions about your hospital bill:

    • Contact Customer Service at (707) 646-3400 or for questions about a hospital bill you received or to make payment arrangements.
    • For questions about health plans and health insurance companies that have contracts with NorthBay Healthcare, call the Managed Care department at (707) 646-3280.

    Where do I send a payment?

    Payments can be sent to the following address:

    NorthBay Healthcare
    Patient Financial Services Department
    4500 Business Center Drive
    Fairfield, CA 94534

    Will NorthBay Healthcare bill my health insurance provider?

    Yes. We will bill your health plan and provide them with any documentation they need. Although we bill your health plan for you, please remember that you are ultimately responsible for ensuring the bill is paid. The following steps will help make sure your bills are paid in a timely manner:

    • Always bring your insurance card with you. We will update your insurance information and make a copy of your insurance card each time you visit. Representatives will attempt to verify your insurance coverage as quickly as possible.
    • Please respond quickly to any mail from your health plan requesting more information about your hospital bill.
    • Your health plan will send you a statement (an Explanation of Benefits or “EOB”) outlining the portion of your bill paid by your health plan and how much you are expected to pay. Please pay any portion of the bill not paid by your insurance company as quickly as possible, or make payment arrangements with one of our customer service representatives.
    • Please notify us if you file an appeal with your health plan regarding their decision about the portion of the bill for which you are responsible.
    • Respond quickly to any mail you receive from NorthBay Healthcare. Your bill may be referred to an outside agency if we do not receive payment as requested. If you are unable to pay your balance in full within the time it is due, please contact our customer service representatives at (707) 646-3400 or They will be happy to help you develop a payment plan that fits your budget.

    When should I pay my co-pay?

    Your co-pay, deductibles and/or co-insurance are due at the time you receive services. Often, the amount due is printed on your insurance card.

    How much will I be charged?

    Government regulations forbid us from quoting a price for emergency services until you have been medically screened. The amount of your bill will depend on the services recommended by the doctor.

    Do I need authorization from my insurance?

    If you belong to an HMO, authorization may be required, unless the care you need is a life-threatening emergency. Please review your policy or contact your HMO with questions.

    If your HMO or primary care physician refuses to authorize payment and/or denies payment, the hospital bill may be your responsibility to pay. It is important that you communicate directly with your health plan if you have questions.


    Will I receive bills from other providers in addition to NorthBay?

    You may receive bills from other healthcare providers in addition to your hospital bill. Most likely, these bills are for services provided by physicians who are independent from the hospital and must bill separately. These might include bills from anesthesiologists, emergency room physicians and radiologists. Please note that these physicians may not be contracted with your HMO for discounted rates. If you have a question about a bill you receive from a physician, please contact that physician’s office directly.

    What if I have no health insurance and I am unable to pay?

    You should contact Solano County Health & Social Services at (800) 400-6001 or go to your local office to apply for Medi-Cal/State CMSP. Please be sure to apply within the same month that you received services as certain programs will not retro-activate the benefits to the previous month.  If you are denied Medi-Cal/State CMSP, then you should contact our Financial Counseling Department at (707) 646-5637 to see if you qualify for Financial Assistance.


    Who can I call about billing questions?

    We are happy to answer any billing questions you have and provide you with as much assistance as possible. If you are being treated at NorthBay Medical Center or VacaValley Hospital, please contact Financial Counseling at (707) 646-5637. If you have questions after you receive services, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at (707) 646-3400.