• Free Health Fair
    May 21, 2014
    1:00 - 5:00 pm
    4500 Business Center Drive
    Register for CPR Class
    Call Perry Hookey at
    (707) 644-1761
  • Nurse Camp 2014



    The 10th annual Nurse Camp is scheduled for June 24-27, 2014 where 30 local high school students will come together at NorthBay Healthcare facilities to experience the world of Nursing. This program is meant to help student learn about nursing and decide if it is the career they want to pursue. All Solano County high school students are welcome to apply. To apply they must complete an application form along with a letter of recommendation and a paragraph, “Why I would like to attend Nurse Camp”. Details can be found in the brochure. All applications must be received or postmarked on or before May 1, 2014 to be considered. Video and photos from previous years can be viewed on Facebook under the NorthBay Healthcare page. 

    • Brochure   • Application 

    Health Education Classes:  

    The Art of Breastfeeding • Learn the “how
    to’s” of breastfeeding. This class addresses
    the health benefits for mom and baby, the role
    of the father, the working mom and more.
    Cost: $15. Call (707) 646-4277.

    Brothers & Sisters To Be • Prepare children
    ages 3–9 for the arrival of a new baby.
    Cost: $10 per family. Call (707) 646-4277.

    C-Section Preparation • Individual counseling
    available to women delivering at NorthBay
    Medical Center who may require a C-section.
    Cost: Free. Call (707) 646-4277.

    Labor of Love • A six-week prepared childbirth
    class for moms and dads or coaches; register
    in fourth month of pregnancy or earlier.
    Cost: $75. Call (707) 646-4277.

    Labor of Love in Review • One-session childbirth
    refresher course for moms and labor
    partners. Pre-requisite: previous attendance
    in a prepared childbirth education course.
    Cost: $20. Call (707) 646-4277.

    Prenatal Care • Expectant mothers learn
    important information about pregnancy.
    Topics include nutrition, exercise, fetal growth
    and development, “pregnancy do’s and don’ts,”
    and much more. It is recommended this class
    be taken as early in pregnancy as possible.
    Cost: $10. Call (707) 646-4277.

    Newborn Care • Expectant parents are
    instructed on daily care, nutrition, safety
    and development for the first few months
    of life. One-session course. Cost: $15.
    Call (707) 646-4277.

    Maternity Orientation and Tour • A tour of
    the NorthBay Medical Center’s maternity unit.
    Information about hospital registration, birth
    certificates, and available birthing options
    provided. Cost: Free. Call (707) 646-4277.

    Siblings’ Birthing Preparation•Parents who
    are considering having children present during
    delivery can have one-on-one counseling.
    Cost: Free. Call (707) 646-4277.

    Breastfeeding Support Group •A postpartum
    support group for moms meets every Tuesday,
    12:30 to 2 p.m., in Fairfield. Cost: Free. Call
    (707) 646-5024.

    Help with Child Care• Are you looking for child
    care or help paying for it? Are you a child care
    provider in need of support? Call Solano Family
    & Children’s Services at (707) 863-3950.

    Caregivers’ Support Group•For anyone involved
    in caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease
    or a dementia-related illness. Meets second
    Wednesday of month, 7 pm to 9 pm at the Adult
    Day Center. Cost: Free. Call (707) 624-7971.

    SAND (Support After Neonatal Death) •
    Friendship and understanding for parents
    experiencing grief for the loss of a pregnancy
    or infant. Cost: Free. Call (707) 646-5433.

    Grief and Bereavement Support Groups
    Two adult support groups meet on a weekly basis
    in Fairfield. Cost: Free. Call (707) 646-3517.

    Teen & Children’s Bereavement Support Groups
    NorthBay Hospice & Bereavement offers free
    bereavement support groups for teens, age 13
    through 17, and children age 6 through 12 on an
    as-needed basis. Cost: Free. For a schedule and
    more information, call (707) 646-3575.

    PEACE (Parent Education and Custody
    Effectiveness) • Create an effective parenting
    relationship between divorcing and separating
    parents. Endorsed by judicial and parenting
    advocates. Two 3-hour sessions on Saturdays.
    Cost: $25. Call (707) 421-4155.

    Look Good, Feel Better • A program to help
    women currently undergoing cancer treatment
    cope with appearance-related side effects
    of treatment. To register, call the American
    Cancer Society, (800) 227-2345. Cost: Free.

    Labor of Love —One Day Class • A one-day
    prepared childbirth class for moms and dads or
    coaches. Will be held on Saturdays. Cost: $75
    Call (707) 646-4277.

    Pulmonary Education Series • A three-session
    course that meets on Wednesdays from 10 a.m.
    to noon at NorthBay Medical Center in Fairfield.
    A new course begins each month. Cost: Free.
    Call (707) 646-5072 to enroll.

    Kick the Butts • Stop smoking classes help
    adult smokers as well as smokeless users.
    Cost: Free. To register, call the Solano County
    Health Promotion and Education Bureau
    at (707) 784-8900 or (800) 287-7357.

    Laugh Out Loud • A class on urinary incontinence.
    Do you control your bladder or does
    your bladder control you? Learn the latest
    treatment options, including pelvic floor
    exercises. Cost: Free. For class dates and to
    reserve your seat, call: (707) 646-4267