NorthBay Hospice

    Comfort and Dignity for End-of-life Care

    When you or a loved one is nearing the end of the journey, NorthBay Hospice is ready to help. Our hospice caregivers provide compassionate support for patients and families facing life-limiting illnesses.

    The focus of hospice care is to maintain your comfort, emphasizing care rather than cure, while also tending to the emotional needs of families and friends. Hospice care is about living, not dying, and neither hastens nor postpones death. It is our desire to help make the final days as comfortable as possible, supporting you and your family physically, mentally and spiritually.

    In hospice, we acknowledge everyone’s inherent worth and dignity. People continue to grow and share, even as they approach the end of life. Emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth does not end when someone is given a grave diagnosis. Indeed, we have learned that much growth can take place during hospice care.

    Who is Eligible?

    Any Solano County resident medically certified to have a life expectancy of six months or less is eligible for hospice care. You may contact us directly or be referred by your doctor. NorthBay Hospice provides care as long as necessary, whether in your home or a care facility.

    While hospice care is covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal, TriCare and many private insurance carriers, thanks to generous donors, hospice services are available to all who need them, regardless of insurance coverage.

    When is the Right Time to Consider Hospice?

    As soon as a patient and family decide to stop curative care, they can be referred to hospice. If your physician has referred you, a NorthBay Hospice social worker will set up a visit to get services started. If you are self-referring, services will begin as soon as you’re certified eligible.

    If you’re not sure hospice is the best path for you or a loved one, a consultation with hospice will answer any questions. Patients and their families are sometimes reluctant to start hospice services because they see that as giving up. But in fact, beginning hospice care before the very end of a terminal illness gives patients and their loved ones a greater sense of peace as the hospice team is able to help them with the transition. We want to make the last months of life as full and comfortable as possible, addressing the needs of the patient and family.

    But a referral to hospice care does not always mean death is imminent. With attentive care, comfort and peace of mind that comes with addressing end of life decisions, some patients rebound physically as well as mentally. Hospice care can be temporarily or permanently discontinued and curative measures reinstated if a patient improves.

    If you don’t fit the criteria for hospice and you’re coping with a serious, life-threatening illness that is limiting your ability to function on a daily basis or preventing you from doing the things you enjoy, a consultation regarding palliative care may help enhance your quality of life. In addition to better symptom management, benefits may include a better understanding of your illness and its progression, and may help you avoid frequent, costly hospital stays and emergency room visits. Palliative care can be initiated at any stage of a serious chronic or progressive illness. Unlike hospice care, NorthBay Bridges palliative care is not limited to those considered to be terminally ill.

    What services are available?

    Our Hospice Team is composed of professionals with expertise caring for the unique physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs of patients and families at the end of life. The team includes your doctor, the hospice medical director, nurses, social workers, aides, volunteers, a chaplain, therapists and others as needed. Hospice nurses will make regular visits to assess the patient and provide pain and symptom management, with frequency dependent on the patient’s condition. Nurses also provide education and support for family members and other caregivers. Aides will also make regular visits to provide personal care to the patient and emotional support for the entire family. 

    Volunteer for Hospice & Bereavement

    If you would like to visit hospice patients, relieve their families by providing respite care, or if you'd like to help out in the office, help build our community network or offer your gifts and talents we'd like to talk with you.  Please call Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, Linda Pribble at:  707-646-3595 or fill out this form and send it to


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