• Imaging Services

    Advanced Technology for Accurate and Timely Results

    NorthBay Healthcare continually invests in the most advanced diagnostic tools available. Advances in imaging technology can produce amazingly detailed pictures inside the human body to help your doctor in diagnosing your condition.

    A wide range of diagnostic imaging services, from simple X-rays to the latest nuclear medicine technology, are available at Solano Diagnostics Imaging, NorthBay Medical Center, VacaValley Hospital and Center for Primary Care. Not all services are available at every location.


    Imaging Services 

     3D Mammography


    Breast Tomosynthesis takes multiple low-dose images of the breast and synthesizes them into a three-dimensional image allowing the radiologist to examine the breast in very thin layers.   

    For a woman with dense breasts a 3-D mammogram often means fewer “call backs” for additional mammographic views, fewer unnecessary biopsies, and better detection of abnormal cells. 3D mammography screening is available at SDI in Vacaville.  Call SDI at 624-7575 to make an appointment.   

    Digital Mammography

    The newest innovation in breast screening, digital mammography reveals the finest detail, and can be digitally enhanced to help radiologists interpret images. This can dramatically improve findings and prevent miscalculations. Digital images can offer significantly better detail than film for women under the age of 50 or those with dense breast tissue. Digital mammography generally delivers a lower average radiation dose than film mammography. (more information)    


    Our diagnostic imaging departments are equipped with the best in X-ray technology and can help physicians detect broken bones, trace kidney function, diagnose lung disorders, examine the intestinal tract and other internal body systems.  (more information) 

    Computerized Axial Tomography (CT)

    The CT scanners at NorthBay Medical Center and VacaValley Hospital can depict bone structures in fine detail and show differences between normal and abnormal tissue in the brain, lungs and other organs. (more information)

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 

    MRI uses an electromagnet to create a magnetic field that allows physicians to look at body layers as thin as 1/16th of an inch. MRI provides detailed images of soft tissue, bone and other body structures without radiation. The process captures multiple cross-section images and combines them to provide 3-dimensional pictures, allowing the images to be viewed at various angles on a computer.  (more information)

    Nuclear Medicine 

    Safe doses of radioactive materials can be used to diagnose and treat a number of complex ailments. One of the newest pieces of nuclear medicine technology, SPECT Cameras, is available at both NorthBay Medical Center and VacaValley Hospital. These computer-controlled instruments allow the physician to visualize as much as 10 times more detail than available through other nuclear medicine procedures. 

    PET (Position Emission Tomography)

    PET (produces digital pictures that can distinguish between benign and cancerous disorders. PET can help physicians monitor the treatment of disease, by revealing changes in cellular activity long before structural changes can be measured by other methods.  (more information) 


    Ultrasound creates sound waves that bounce off internal organs and echo back to a computer, which then translates the information into a video image. NorthBay Healthcare’s ultrasound department has the latest technology and specially trained and licensed staff.  (more information) 

    Bone Density Screening

    Special x-rays measure bone mineral content to determine bone density and risk of developing osteoporosis. This information can help you and your doctor plan lifestyle changes and treatments to avoid further bone loss and optimize your health. This screening is recommended for all women over age 65 or those at risk for osteoporosis. 

    Heart and Vascular Diagnostics

    Cardiac testing services are designed to aid in the rapid diagnosis of heart disease. NorthBay Healthcare offers a full range of diagnostic procedures. (more information)