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    Center for Women's Health, A NorthBay Affiliate

    Prevention is the key to living long and living well. Getting regular check-ups and preventive screening tests are among the most important things you can do for yourself. Our physicians are available as primary care physicians to meet your needs along the life continuum and provide support for daily and long-term disease management.


    We combine close-to-home comfort and personalized care with the highest level of obstetrical expertise in Solano County, and are dedicated to providing the best care for you and your baby. Our physicians will honor your choices while maintaining the highest degree of health and safety for you. Our team focus ensures OB physicians are on duty and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our office and NorthBay Medical Center. Our team of
    office staff and physicians is committed to providing you with excellent care for pre-conceptual counseling, family planning, infertility screening, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care, and beyond. 


    Gynecological exams are an important part of your annual health care. The exam helps to make sure that your reproductive organs are healthy. It also allows your health care provider detect medical conditions (such as abnormal Pap smears) that could become serious if not treated.

    The Center for Women’s Health provides screening and diagnostic services, as well as interventional procedures and surgery. If you have abnormal vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, an abnormal Pap smear, or have been diagnosed with fibroid tumors or ovarian cysts, you may need a procedure or surgery. The Center for Women's Health offers a uniquely convenient healthcare experience for women in the community.  Our center is designed specifically for women so patients can receive primary care services as well as specialty OB/GYN care.  

    Our physicians:

    Margaret Cooper, OB/GYN

    Parveen Khan, MD, OB/GYN

    Andrew Lin, MD, OB/GYN

    Sarah Smith, DO, OB/GYN

    Lauren Weber, DO, Family Practice

    Teresa Whitley, MD, Internal Medicine

    Comprehensive services including normal and high risk obstetrics. Additionally,  Dr. Lin’s expertise in gynecological and urogynecological surgery includes treating a variety of conditions such as incontinence and uterine prolapse (cystocele, rectocele, vaginal/uterine relaxation).