Bruce T. Hewett, MD

Center for Primary Care, A NorthBay Affiliate




University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, School of Medicine
Pediatric residency, David Grant Medical Center, Travis AFB




421 Nut Tree Road

Professional Profile:

I appreciate the uniqueness of each child and enjoy children of all ages. Twenty-five years of Pediatric practice has confirmed that if I make every visit fun, especially for young children, it creates a foundation for a successful relationship. I have a relaxed approach with my patients and like to take as much time as needed for a productive visit. I often ask my patients about their friends, pets, and school and relate to their lives and experiences. I have found that even young children have an amazing ability to describe their symptoms, so I make it a point to interview children as well as their parents. Likewise, I like to empower the child by having them repeat their treatment instructions back to me. I am always impressed by how accurately children can do this. With older children, I find that making them a partner in their care leads to the greatest success for a healthy lifestyle.

My areas of special interest include many different behavioral conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I also have special interest in sleep disorders, asthma and allergies. As a parent of two, I understand the concern parents have when a child is ill or injured. I look forward to developing long-term relationships with the families who entrust me with their care.