Paul D McWhirter, MD




Medical degree from Keck School of Medicine of USC.
Internal medicine residency and cardiology fellowship at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland AFB, Texas.
Clinical fellowship in Echocardiography at University of California San Francisco Cardiovascular Research Institute  




1200 B. Gale Wilson Blvd.

Professional Profile:

When I started my career in internal medicine, cardiac illness was a large part of what I saw. In cardiology, you can make a dramatic difference in someone’s life very quickly. For example, it’s very rewarding to place a stent in a patient’s artery and bring life back to someone who was dying or implant a pacemaker and have a patient exclaim how much more energy and vigor they have.

In 25 years of practice, I still marvel at how quickly people can heal.
I received my training in cardiology in the Air Force and was fortunate to have worked at the School of Aerospace Medicine. I was part of a team doing extensive cardiac workups on Air Force pilots to ensure they were safe to fly. At that time I was also in charge of the ECG library for the Air Force.

As a cardiologist I am certified to diagnose and treat disorders of the circulatory system and the cardiovascular system — the heart, arteries and veins. As an interventional cardiologist I can treat patients with heart problems using advanced procedures in the cardiac catheterization lab. Often these techniques allow patients with heart attacks, heart failure and heart rhythm problems to be treated without the need for major surgery or a long hospital stay. I feel it is a special privilege that my patients allow me to take care of them.



Professional Membership:

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners
Fellow, American College of Cardiology
American Society of Echocardiography