• Pregnancy and childbirth

    Striving to Make Each Birth a Joyous Experience

    Combining close-to-home comfort and personalized care with the highest level of expertise in Solano County, we are dedicated to providing the best care for you and your baby.

    Since 1960, more than 35,000 babies have come into the world at NorthBay Medical Center. With an average of 1,500 babies born here each year, our staff is among the most experienced in the area. NorthBay Medical Center is where every expectant mother, including those with high risk pregnancies, can turn for the highest level of care.

    We aim to meet your unique needs and expectations, providing individualized attention to honor your choices while maintaining the highest degree of health and safety.

    • OB-GYN and midwife practice
    • OB physician on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Maternity unit with labor, deliver and recovery in one, large private room designed for a memorable, family-centered experience
    • Childbirth anesthesia available around the clock, including patient-controlled epidural anesthesia
    • ABC Prenatal Services to make sure every baby gets the best start possible
    • Sweet Success to manage diabetes during pregnancy 
    • Classes and Tours to help you prepare for the new arrival  
    • After delivery, support and education is a primary focus to give you the knowledge to confidently care for your baby at home. Parents and families are encouraged to participate in care of infants while in the hospital, to learn about newborn development.
    • Breastfeeding assistance and support is available
    • Newborn Intensive Care offers the region's highest level of care for premature and critically ill infants