• NorthBay Speech Therapy


    Speech-Language Therapy  

    Speech and language pathologists (SLPs) evaluate and treat individuals with communication, cognitive and/or swallowing disorders. Individualized treatment programs emphasize the improvement of language abilities including speaking, reading and writing skills. Dietary modifications and swallowing techniques ensure safety when eating and swallowing. An SLP will work closely with you to develop the communication and swallowing skills that are necessary to lead a comfortable and satisfying lifestyle.

    Who can benefit from speech and language therapy?

    Speech and language disorders take many forms. Individuals can be born with these disorders, or injury or illness can cause them at any age. Whatever the kind or cause, speech and language disorders have serious consequences. Speech and language disorders can limit academic achievement, social adjustment and career advancement.

    The practice of speech-language pathology may benefit any individual with the following problems/issues:

    • Swallowing problems -- choking, coughing while eating/drinking
    • Speech intelligibility problems -- slurred speech, poor articulation
    • Language problems -- word finding, inability to communicate ideas
    • Voice problems -- hoarseness, decrease loudness
    • Speech fluency problems -- stuttering, choppy speech
    • Memory problems

    NorthBay speech-language therapy offers programs including:

    • Speech and language evaluation and therapy
        • Motor speech disorders such as Apraxia (articulation) and dysarthria (slurred speech)
        • Aphasia (verbal expression, language processing, word finding, comprehension)
        • Fluency therapy (stuttering)
        • Voice evaluation and therapy
        • Cognitive aspects of communication
          • Attention/concentration
          • Memory
          • Visual-spatial/construction
          • Executive function – problem solving, abstract thought/reasoning, interpretation of figurative language)
      • Swallowing evaluation and therapy includes:
        • Clinical swallow evaluation
        • Modified barium swallow studies
        • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (Vital Stim)
        • Thermal-tactile stimulation (deep pharyngeal neuromuscular stimulation)
        • Laryngeal video stroboscopy