• Women’s Imaging Services

    Knowing Is Everything

    Early detection is key to effective treatment. Using advanced screening equipment, our highly trained staff focuses on providing accurate and timely results to help you and your doctor maintain your health.  Designed with your privacy and comfort in mind, Solano Women's Imaging offers the most complete breast imaging program in Solano County with a range of technologies aimed at providing a reliable picture of your breast health.  Other services offered, such as bone density screening, may help you make important changes to optimize your health.

    Screening Recommendations

    Breast Tomosynthesis

    3-D mammography takes multiple low-dose images of the breast and synthesizes them into a three-dimensional image allowing the radiologist to examine the breast in very thin layers.  


    For a woman with dense breasts a 3-D mammogram often means fewer “call backs” for additional mammographic views, fewer unnecessary biopsies, and better detection of abnormal cells. 3D mammography screening is available at SDI in Vacaville.  Call SDI at (707) 624-7575 to make an appointment.   


    Digital Mammography

    The newest innovation in breast screening, digital mammography reveals the finest detail, and can be digitally enhanced to help radiologists interpret images. This can dramatically improve findings and prevent miscalculations. Digital images can offer significantly better detail than film for women under the age of 50 or those with dense breast tissue. Digital mammography generally delivers a lower average radiation dose than film mammography. (more information)    

    Breast MRI 

    A supplemental test enabling doctors to further evaluate findings from mammography or other screenings, MRI provides detailed images of soft tissue, bone and other body structures without radiation. Solano Women’s Imaging MRI’s powerful magnetic field and radio waves are combined with computer aided diagnostics (CAD) to provide fast, reliable imaging results. The process captures multiple cross-section images and combines them to provide 3-dimensional pictures, allowing the images to be viewed at various angles on a computer.  (more information)

    MRI Guided Biopsy 

    A breast biopsy is performed to remove cells from a suspicious area and examine them under a microscope, providing assurance of knowing whether an abnormality should be treated. Physicians can use the advanced technology of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to guide biopsy of an abnormality that may be detected during a screening.

    Breast Ultrasound

    High-frequency sound waves create a picture of tissues inside the breast, including the area closest to the breast wall. A non-invasive tool, ultrasound is particularly helpful in evaluating whether a lump is fluid-filled or solid.

    Bone Density Screening

    Special x-rays measure bone mineral content to determine bone density and risk of developing osteoporosis. This information can help you and your doctor plan lifestyle changes and treatments to avoid further bone loss and optimize your health. This screening is recommended for all women over age 65 or those at risk for osteoporosis. (more information)