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    While our cosmetic procedures can help reverse the effects of aging, we highly recommend a quality skin care routine in order to maximize and maintain your results. Reflections is proud to combine a relaxing gentle spa experience with medical grade results.

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    $25   Skin Care Consultation
    A consultation with our Esthetician can assist you in obtaining a quality skin care routine for optimal skin care results. The consultation provides an assessment of your skin using equipment that reveals an underlying view of skin conditions, identification of your skin type, and discussion of skin history, concerns and goals. A customized treatment plan disclosing your best options for skincare treatments and products to meet your desired outcome will be provided at the end of your consultation. Consultation fee will be applied to future services booked at consultation. (approximately 20 minutes)

    $45   Reflections 30 Express Facial
    A treatment designed for those who need to refresh and rejuvenate their skin in a hurry. Facial includes cleanse, exfoliating mask, and brief face, neck, and shoulder massage (approximately 30 minutes).

    $ 75   Reflections Signature Facial
    This facial incorporates the best of science and nature delivering a hydrated and smooth complexion while reviving, rejuvenating, and restoring skin health. Treatment includes a relaxing neck and shoulder massage to ease tension (approximately 60 minutes).

    $85   Age Defying Facial
    Counteract aging, and rejuvenate mature skin with a facial infused with antioxidants and serums to lift, tighten, plump fine lines and wrinkles, restore moisture, and revitalize skin texture and tone. Facial includes a relaxing neck, shoulder, arm, and hand massage to relax the body and ease tension (approximately 75 minutes).

    $95   Medi-Facial
    This corrective facial is customized to treat specific skin conditions. Treatment includes a deep cleanse with extractions (if needed) to remove impurities in the skin and is tailored with power blends and a certified organic mask to promote repair and remodeling in the skin while restoring its radiance and beauty. A therapeutic neck, shoulder, and arm massage is incorporated to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. The end result is a healthier more lustrous skin and a relaxed and rejuvenated body. Recommended for Acne, Aging, Rosacea, and Hyperpigmented/ Photo Damaged, Post Natal Skin). (approximately 75 minutes).

    $90   The Nest Prenatal Facial
    A facial pampering mom-to-be utilizing organic ingredients to address common skin care concerns that can arise during pregnancy. Treatment includes a deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation that is safe for baby, and a moisture rich mask to drench pregnant parched skin. Relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage is incorporated to lull mom into a state of bliss (approximately 60 minutes).

    Advanced Skin Care

    $125   Microdermabrasion
    Microdermabrasion is a procedure that resurfaces the skin and stimulate collagen production while evening skin tone. Treatment is completed with a soothing mask to calm skin and promote repair for instance radiance (approximately 50 minutes).

    $50 Level 1 Skin Resurfacing Peel
    Exfoliation peel using blended acids loaded with regenerating peptides, vitamins and anti inflammatory ingredients to speed cellular turnover yielding a smooth, even, youthful appearance (approximately 30 minutes).

    $90 Level 2 Skin Resurfacing Peel
    Bio-targeted infusion of customized bio-actives and regenerating peptides to resurface skin and correct skin abnormalities. Treatment promotes new cellular growth from inside out while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, irregular discoloration, acne, and congestion (approximately 60 minutes).

    $120 Medi-Infusion Non Acid Peel
    Vitamin A is infused into the skin using massage and hot towel applications creating a relaxing and rejuvenating non acid peel while promoting collagen production, reducing fine lines and improving skin tone and elasticity without any trauma to the skin. (approximately 60 minutes).

    $85 LED Collagen Therapy Facial
    Restore and maintain healthier smoother looking skin with gentle waves of LED light therapy to build collagen, reduces wrinkles, soften and smooth skin. Facial consists of cleanse, gentle exfoliating mask, extractions, application of customized treatment serums, and relaxing LED light therapy.
    (approximately 60 minutes)

    $85 LED Acne Therapy Facial
    Combat acne and restore skin health with gentle waves of LED light therapy. LED works to kill bacteria associated with acne. Facial consists of cleanse, gentle exfoliating mask, application of customized treatment serums, and relaxing LED light therapy.
    (approximately 60 minutes)

    $95 Body Contour Wrap
    A warm and luxurious body wrap using herbal blends to eliminate toxins trapped in the cellulite of the body. The result: permanent inch loss (up to ½ dress or pant size) and firmer and smoother skin. (approximately 120 minutes).

    Add on Services

    $25 LED Therapy
    LED therapy works to compliment and enhance the following treatments: Botox and Dermal Fillers, IPL, Laser Hair Removal, and Microdermabrasion

    $35 Photo Facial
    Add on a finishing photo facial immediately following Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL) service. Facial contains calming treatment mask and serums to promote healing. (approximately 15 minutes).


    Our philosophy at Reflections is that massage should always be customized to address your body needs. Therefore, we charge for the time you reserve and we make the massage fit your specific needs for your session. Your body may need Deep Tissue in one area, gentler Swedish massage in another, or a few Trigger Point techniques. Aromatherapy (the use of essential oils) is often beneficial for different conditions and circumstances and will be incorporated if determined best for the need of the client.  

    30 Minutes  $40 
    60 Minutes     $75 
    90 Minutes  $110 


    30 Minutes      $20 
    Lip     $ 8 
    Bikini  $45 


    Other waxing services available upon request. Please ask your esthetician for details.