Elizabeth Fry Honored at NorthBay Girls’ Night Out   

Elizabeth Fry, a Vacaville breast cancer survivor who is the co-founder of the Midnight Sun Foundation, was honored with the second annual NorthBay Healthcare Foundation Christine Franklin award during the NorthBay Spirit of Women Girls Night Out, Nov. 9, at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre.  

Christine Franklin was a Vacaville resident, a NorthBay Guild volunteer, and a dynamic woman who used her battle with breast cancer to educate others about the importance of mammograms and healthcare. She was the master of ceremonies for the first Girls Night Out.  

The Midnight Sun Foundation offers assistance to women who have experienced a financial hardship during their cancer treatments and need help paying for basic living expenses. The foundation also promotes breast health and early detection, providing mammogram sponsorships to under-insured women.  

Elizabeth and her Midnight Sun Foundation have partnered with NorthBay Healthcare to raise awareness, provide mammograms and support women undergoing treatments.  

That presentation was followed by a special announcement. Lynne DiModica, coordinator for the NorthBay Women’s Health Resource Center and member of the Solano Chapter of the Guardians of the Ribbon/Pink Heals, told the audience that the Vacaville Fire Department has donated a red truck – soon to be painted pink – and that it will bear Christine’s name.  

Women of all ages attended the annual event, enjoying hors d’ouevres and wine, visiting with friends and shopping at an ecclectic group of boutique vendors. 

The 3 Blonde Moms: Joanie Fagan, Kat Simmons and Cathy Ladman provided a hilarious hour of entertainment to cap off the evening.