Dr. Michael Amster is surrounded by attendees who came to hear him give a Valentine’s Day presentation at NorthBay Healthcare’s annual Heart to Heart Luncheon on “The Importance of Loving Yourself.”  

Heart-to-Heart Luncheon Focuses on Love

More than 200 guests turned out to nosh on heart-healthy foods, meditate, bend, stretch and reach for the stars during NorthBay Healthcare's annual Heart-to-Heart Luncheon hosted on Valentine's Day at the Green Valley Administration Center.Heart Amster 

The audience -- primarily women dressed to the nines in red, pink and other Valentine's Day friendly attire -- had the chance to listen to Dr. Michael Amster, director of the Center for Pain Management, discuss "The Importance of Loving Yourself."

He explained that self-love is a healthy concept that not only helps with heart and vascular health, but decreases the rates and deaths from all stress-related conditions, including diabetes, cancers, depression, anxiety and mental illness.

A Happy Heart program at the Mayo Clinic showed that patients recovered faster and stayed healthier when they fostered a hHeart Hands 1appier attitude. The positive self-love tends to promote patients to make healthier choices, and take more responsibility for their health, he explained.

He led the group through a number of stretching and healing exercises, and wrapped up his talk with a soothing meditation.

The room oozed with enthusiasm.

"My fingers are tingling," exclaimed one woman after the healing stretches. "How long is this going to last?"

"See," said Dr. Amster, "You're learning to channel into a healing energy. And that's something you can channel any time you need it."


                                                                                   Amster and the ladies 


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