Open for Business!


 Secondhand Rose - NorthBay Guild Thriftique officially opened for business on Valentine’s Day, following a festive ribbon-cutting with Guild volunteers, NorthBay Healthcare employees, business and civic leaders, local politicians and members of the Vacaville Chamber of Commerce cheering. 

 The store, formerly known as the NorthBay Guild Thrift Shop, moved from its Main Street location to 322 Parker St. in downtown Vacaville. For opening festivities, it was awash in color, with freshly painted walls, bright red balloons and Guild volunteers – wearing their new “Secondhand Rose” aprons – handing out chocolate roses to guests.

The sidewalk outside the store was packed as Vacaville Chamber of Commerce President Mark Creffield coordinated the official ribbon-cutting ceremony. Following that, all were invited inside to check out the store's cleverly arranged displays, and snack on pastries and coffee, courtesy of KUIC 95.3 FM radio. The station’s team was on hand to do a "Morning Wake-up" 

 Jane Schilling, director of Volunteer Services for NorthBay Healthcare, noted that NorthBay's hospitals were built with the help of volunteers more than 55 years ago, and their legacy of volunteerism continues today. The store’s space has been converted into a bright and colorful thriftique, decorated in "shabby chic" under the creative vision of local artists Tara Baumann and Lori Hartley.

Secondhand Rose wouldn't exist, Jane noted, without the lengthy list of volunteers who provided everything from electrical expertise to elbow grease to help ready the shop for this big day. "These volunteers amaze me and inspire me to do more; I am honored to be a part of such a giving community."

NorthBay previously operated a “Secondhand Rose” store in Fairfield, and later a “Secondhand Rose Too” store in Vacaville, before it became “Sacks Thrift Avenue” in 1993, and then the NorthBay Guild Thrift Shop in 1996.
Pat Dennis, NorthBay Guild chair for the thrift shop, and Lauretta Graham, NorthBay Guild president, spoke about how NorthBay Guild raises money at the thrift shop, gift shops and fundraisers to support essential programs and provide equipment in the hospitals.

"They've been used to purchase supplies for a clinic that serves underinsured women in Solano County who are pregnant and have nowhere to turn", explained Lauretta.

“We've also used our funds to purchase Isolettes in the NICU, helping our youngest and most frail patients. They have provided equipment for our cardiac rehab patients, monitors for our health at home program, and funds for our bereavement center. And, lately, we've funneled a lot of funds to our quickly developing and highly respected trauma center at NorthBay Medical Center."

 Daman Mott, director of NorthBay’s Trauma and Emergency Services, described how NorthBay's trauma program has treated more than 1,000 patients, just in the past year.

"That means those 1,000 people were treated by our state-of-the-art program, and they didn't have to leave our county to get that care. I'm very proud and humbled to be part of the program."

 Daman then made a surprise presentation to Pat and Lauretta, as a way of thanking them not only for all their hard work, but for "embracing me as part of the NorthBay family" when he first moved to Solano County. "You are definitely first string; there's nothing secondhand about you," he said, upon handing them both gold roses.