First of Series of Videos for Children's Sleep Strategies

Dr. Hewett—whose practice is at the NorthBay Center for Primary Care in Vacaville—has turned to to share his message with parents of all age groups. This spring he videotaped segments that offer some commonsense advice that could lead to a good night’s sleep, not only for the child, but the rest of the weary family. Children who are experiencing severe and ongoing sleep issues should visit their pediatrician. “If they come see me, I can work with them and their parents to create an individualized plan that should help them significantly,” he says, noting that he takes each child’s individual situation and the parenting styles into account.


“Virtually all sleep training techniques are simple concepts,” says Dr. Hewett. “Following the plan is the difficult part. Getting a good night’s sleep takes work, but if you consider that good quality sleep results in better health, increased learning ability, and healthier relationships, the effort is worth it.”


Below it the first of the series: 




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