Our Newest Building Open for Business 

The new Green Valley Health Plaza at 4520 Business Center Drive is now home to the Center for Primary Care and Gastroenterology, while NorthBay Health at Home and Hospice and the NorthBay Bereavement teams will start moving in tomorrow.mob2 

The 37,141-square-foot, two-story building was designed to complement the Green Valley Administration Building and the two are connected by a walkway.
The CPC is on the second floor in Suite 200 and has space for eight doctors. Gastroenterology is in Suite 180 on the ground floor. Their former offices in an MOB next to Costco closed on Friday and they opened at their new location yesterday.

The CPC will include physicians Gilbert Chang, M.D.; Archana Goyal, M.D.; Michelle Katzaroff, D.O.; Ehsan Ghods, D.O; and Alina Hongsakaphadana, M.D., with room for three more doctors. Gastroenterology, a NorthBay affiliate, includes Mounzer Al Samman, M.D., and Tawhid Gazi, M.D.

Last to move will be NorthBay Bereavement and NorthBay Health at Home and Hospice. They will be housed in spacious offices on the ground floor. Bereavement moves into Suite 110 tomorrow, followed by Hospice and Health at Home into Suite 160 on Friday, Feb. 21, after 5 p.m. Both offices will reopen on Monday, Feb. 24.

All phone numbers remain the same. 

The building is owned by NexCore Group. It was designed by Lee, Burkhart, Liu architects, with construction by DPR Construction. Both floors of the building include large, shelled-in space for future growth. It is the second of four buildings slated for the medical campus.