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education <p>Medical Degree, California College of Podiatric Medicine, San Franscisco, CA </p><p>Residency, Veterans Administrative Medical Center</p>
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fic_2075_2083 http://www.northbay.org158
fic_2075_2084 phys427
fic_2075_2085 Maria
fic_2075_2086 Highsmith
fic_2075_2087 DPM
fic_2075_2088 [empty string]
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fic_2075_2090 1001 Nut Tree Road
fic_2075_2091 Vacaville
fic_2075_2092 California
fic_2075_2093 [empty string]
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fic_2075_2095 (707) 448-8494
fic_2075_2096 (707) 448-8494
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fic_2075_4151 1
fic_2075_4152 1
fic_2075_4210 [empty string]
fic_2075_4213 Female
fic_2075_4214 [empty string]
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fic_2075_4287 129259EA-D294-2AE6-5EFE902D5729ABB8
fic_2075_4372 Suite 220
fic_2075_5600 [empty string]
fic_2075_5601 <p>Medical Degree, California College of Podiatric Medicine, San Franscisco, CA </p><p>Residency, Veterans Administrative Medical Center</p>
fic_2075_5674 Vacaville
fic_2075_5675 Podiatry (Feet)
fic_2075_5676 English
fic_2075_5755 Other
fic_2075_57823 [empty string]
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fic_2075_57830 [empty string]
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fic_2075_6378 [empty string]
fic_2075_6879 [empty string]
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Maria Highsmith, DPM
Podiatry (Feet)

Maria Highsmith


1001 Nut Tree Road
Suite 220
Vacaville, CA
(707) 448-8494 Accepted Health Plans


Medical Degree, California College of Podiatric Medicine, San Franscisco, CA

Residency, Veterans Administrative Medical Center

Languages Spoken:


Hospital Affiliations:

NorthBay Hospital VacaValley Hospital