Oncology Nurse Navigators

Your Guides Through Cancer Treatment

Our oncology nurse navigators are available to guide patients and their families through the entire process of diagnosis and treatment throughout the NorthBay Healthcare system. From initial diagnosis, through surgery and treatments to recovery and survivorship, a navigator will be with you every step of the way. Our navigators provide emotional support and encouragement to patients and their families during their journey through cancer care.

KeniHoriuchiKeni Horiuchi, RN, MSN, AOCN, has 30 years of oncology nursing experience. She is an advanced oncology certified nurse and a registered clinical nurse specialist. Keni is a national trainer for the Oncology Nursing Society’s Chemotherapy Biotherapy course and has been a resident of Solano County for more than 20 years. She earned her nursing degree from the University of Hawaii and a master’s degree in nursing from the University of California, San Francisco. You can reach Keni at (707) 646-4016.

Jenny Schubert also joins the Cancer Center as our newest navigator.

Keni and Jenny are available to help new patients with physician appointments at the NorthBay Cancer Center. They can provide education about cancer diagnosis, treatment, risk assessment and survivorship. They can connect patients with resources in the community as well as nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What training does an oncology nurse navigator have?

An oncology nurse navigator is a nurse with experience in working with cancer patients and their families. She understands the range of services that may be needed and is there to guide you through the entire process of diagnosis and treatment through the NorthBay Healthcare system.

What is the cost of a nurse navigator?
There is no additional charge for nurse navigator services.

What can I expect from a nurse navigator?
The role of the nurse navigator is to ease the burden of cancer treatment on both the patient and his/her family.
The nurse navigator can:
• Help you understand your diagnosis and treatment options, as well as your follow-up survivorship plan.
• Coordinate communication between you and your healthcare team.
• Collaborate with the members of your healthcare team to provide timely diagnosis and treatment.
• Inform you about other services such as financial counseling, clinical trials, genetic counseling and other support services.
• Help you and your family connect with community services.

How do I contact a nurse navigator?
With your permission, your physician can refer you to a nurse navigator. Or, call the NorthBay Cancer Center at (707) 646-4000. Fax (707) 646-4004.