Session 1 Workshops (10:40-11:40 a.m.): 

    Hot Topics in Women's Health -
    Menopause, Moods and More

    It's like PMS - on steroids! Menopause and peri-menopause can affect your mood as well as your body. Join family practice doctor Lauren Weber, DO, and psychologist Amber Stirlen, PsyD, for a real conversation about your options to take control of your mood.  

    Balancing a Healthy Life  

    For many women life is a balancing act. Finding time to care for yourself can be a challenge. Join Karin Grumstrup, NP, RN to learn valuable tips on achieving whole body health. 

    Making Exercise Easy and Making it Count!
    Fitness is the foundation for a healthy life, and it’s a mood booster too! Learn how you can incorporate a fitness plan into your busy lifestyle from expert, Molly Kemmer. 


    Session 2 Workshops (12:30-1:30 p.m.) 

    The Amazing Power of Women's Intuition
    Ever have nagging doubts about something? Trust your instincts! Family practice doctor, Ana Cherry, MD, and psychologist Corinna Press, PsyD, will explain why this is good advice.
    5 Keys to Brain Health
    You can boost your brain health and enjoy the vitality of youth through specific lifestyle changes complemented by safe, natural treatments. Join Dr. Eric Hassid and learn how.
    Is Your Thyroid Out of Whack?
    Weight gain, hair loss, fatigue and palpitations are all possible symptoms of thyroid disease. Endocrinologist, Miya Allen, MD, will share her knowledge on this common, yet often undiagnosed condition.


    Session 3 Workshops (1:40-2:40 p.m.) 

    Laugh Out Loud
    Prolapse and urinary incontinence are no laughing matter, but urologist, Dr. Tin C. Ngo and physical therapist Lisa Heller will discuss options that might bring a smile to your face and put you back in control.
    Good Food is Good Medicine
    Healthy choices are within your grasp. Karin Grumstrup, NP, RN will share the joys of choosing organic foods and tips to sidestep stress with relaxation techniques.
    Herbs for Your Health
    You can’t fool mother nature, but you can use her remedies to look and feel better. Herbalist Kami McBride demonstrates how wholesome herbs complement a healthy diet. 


    Diane Ciotta