Don't Skip Vaccinations

During the Coronavirus Pandemic

It's understandable to worry about exposing yourself and your baby or child to COVID–19 as the situation continues. But do not put off the vaccinations your child needs to fight other diseases.

Children especially need vaccines from birth to age 18 to build immunity to life-threatening diseases:

  • Do not skip or delay these vaccinations for your child during the coronavirus. Doing so puts children at risk for serious disease.
  • Dangerous diseases, such as measles and whooping cough, have made a comeback in the past 2 years as many parents opted to skip these vaccines for their children.
  • Our NorthBay medical practices are taking special precautions to protect patients and staff, like requiring face coverings, frequently cleaning our facilities and limiting in-person visits.

Keep your Child on Track:

Check the recommended schedule for childhood vaccines or call your child's NorthBay pediatrician to ask about these immunizations.

If your child is due for a vaccination, don't wait. Make the call today and schedule an appointment: (707) 646-5500.

See you soon,

NorthBay Health Primary Care

NorthBay Medical Group