All Together, We Will Prevail

May 27, 2020

It seems like an eternity since we received the first patient known to have contracted the coronavirus though community transmission back in February.

KonardJones_THUMBNAILYou — like me — have at times experienced great anxiety about what COVID-19 means to family and loved ones. In times of great uncertainty we all look for something we can be certain about.

So I'm here to let you know something you can be certain of: our commitment and our ability to provide you and your loved ones exceptional health care. We consider every patient part of our NorthBay Family, which means we will provide you safe and extraordinary care.

We are open and we are safely delivering care — specialty procedures, surgeries, as well as emergency, urgent and primary care.

For an independent, community-based, nonprofit health system, this has been an enormous challenge. But it is one we have met with tenacious resolve.

We continue to save lives and heal the sick. Our extraordinary safety measures protect our patients, our staff, physicians and you.

Do not hesitate to come to NorthBay Healthcare when you need immediate care. We will reschedule that procedure that you have been delaying. Remember, deferring needed care can pose an even greater risk to your long-term health.

And please, do not let financial considerations be part of your health care equation. If the pandemic has affected your employment or family finances, we can work with you to establish a reasonable payment plan or even defer payments if COVID-19 has resulted in financial hardship.

I hope you'll peruse our website to stay informed. Check out the information and videos. We will continue to strive to keep you informed, while we deliver compassionate care and advanced medicine, close to home.

Be healthy. Thank you.


B. Konard Jones

President & CEO

NorthBay Medical Group