It's Bike To Work Month

May 10, 2017

May is Bike To Work Month. This week is also designated Bike To Work Week and Thursday (May 11) is Bike To Work Day. Here in Solano County, the weather is agreeable enough most of the year that many folks are in the habit of riding all the time.

My personal Bike To Work story has been changing the past few years. Very recently it was supercharged. It was about 10 years ago that I began biking to work regularly. A few years ago I had to curtail that when I took a position that was not good for riding as I would be riding home at 2 a.m. and losing much needed sleep. More recently my job changed again and I have renewed my habit. I get off work at midnight and enjoy riding home at that time. I make sure I am visible by wearing bright clothes and lots of lights. Two days a week I work in Vacaville and riding to work is a short 3 mile ride. Two days a week I work in Fairfield which is a bit more than a 10 mile ride.  

A few weeks ago I acquired a bike that makes it quite easy and enjoyable to make the rides. My new bike is a Specialized Levo, which has an electrical assist motor. It is powered by a battery which provides about a 40 mile range. The motor is only an assist. The rider has to provide about 60 percent of the power at a minimum. The more effort the rider provides, the more power the motor provides. With minimal effort I can cruise along at 12-15 mph. If I pedal a bit harder I can go 18-20 mph. At 20 mph the computer stops providing more power. The speed limit is a safety feature. The Levo is also a mountain bike with fat 3 inch tires and has front and rear suspension as well as disc brakes and a seat post that is adjustable in height with a remote control on the handlebar. So this bike can go any type of trail. This week I used it to get from Vacaville to Vallejo for training and on the way home stopped in Rockville Park to ride with the Vacaville High School team.  By the way, if you read in this blog in the past about the Vacaville High School mountain biking team, they are continuing to grow and succeed.

For employees of NorthBay we have added several new amenities in the past year to help with biking to and from work. There are bike lockers installed at the East entrance of the hospital in Fairfield. The Green Valley Administrative Center also has a bike locker. VacaValley Hospitla has a secure covered bike cage. Employees who are members of Healthspring Fitness can park their bike, then shower before going to work. NorthBay Medical Center has employee showers on the second floor and also on Unit 1600. I can also share that new cycling jerseys for R2D2 (Ride to Defeat Diabetes) are available and you can get one by contacting me at


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