Hospital Expansion Work Ahead of Schedule

August 28, 2018

Construction on the three-story addition to NorthBay Medical Center is slightly ahead of schedule, according to Eric VanPelt, project manager for Facilities Development. Construction should be complete in February, but occupation of the facility will occur a few months later, due to safety check and licensing requirements. If all goes well, the facility will be open for patients, families and staff in July or August, 2019.

In the meantime:

  • On the first floor, all sheet rock has been placed, and major equipment for the kitchen - including a walk-in freezer - has been delivered and is awaiting installation.
  • On the second floor, all sheet rock has been placed and cabinets and other casework is being installed.
  • On the third floor, where surgical suites will be located, electrical and other "in wall" work is being roughed in.
  • Also on the third floor, workers are preparing to install a hybrid piece of surgical equipment - called a "Pheno." It is the most technically advanced robotic surgical arm currently available, having only been approved by the FDA in 2017. Only nine other surgical suites in the entire U.S. have this piece of equipment, which will be used for orthopedic and vascular surgeries, according to Eric.


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