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By NorthBay PR
Hard Hat Report for the NorthBay Medical Center construction projects

Your one-stop spot to find out what's going on at our NorthBay Medical Center campus. We'll share ongoing traffic updates as well as maps, renderings and a live webcam so you can check out what's going on in the here and now.

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Commitment 2 Care  Blue arrow

By NorthBay Foundation
Commitment 2 Care's logo. Click here to read Commitment 2 Care.

The Foundation's Commitment 2 Care blog seeks to inform readers about NorthBay Healthcare Foundation's decades-long history of community-building activities, and is written by Foundation board and staff members.

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Living with Diabetes: 101  Blue arrow

By  Collette DaCruz, R.N.
Collette DaCruz. Click here to read Living with Diabetes: 101.

Collette DaCruz is a nurse and certified diabetes educator who has worked at the NorthBay Center for Diabetes & Endocrinology since 2006. She is passionate about educating the community on ways to prevent and control diabetes.

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Lifecycles  Blue arrow

By Patrick Garner, R.N.
Patrick Garner's blog

Patrick Garner is an R.N. who has worked for NorthBay Healthcare for more than 20 years and has been an avid cyclist for more than 30 years. He is the Captain of Team NorthBay.

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Healthcare Insider Blue arrow

By Gary Passama, CEO
Gary Passama. Click here to read Healthcare Insider.

Gary Passama retired as president and CEO of NorthBay Healthcare on March 31, 2017. An active blogger since 2010, here's a collection of his work.

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