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Helpful Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

December 12, 2018

By Ximena Hurtado

The holidays are here! Tables full of homemade goods surrounded by friends and family - 'tis the season to indulge in all our holiday favorites. From pumpkin pie, tamales, turkey with stuffing and to all the other foods in between, how is it possible to enter the holiday season with a "healthy" mindset? Maybe these tips can help avoid a blood sugar spike, an uncomfortable full stomach, reflux and maybe even avoid some added calories:

  1. Avoid arriving to your destination overly hungry. Have a snack or a small meal before leaving home. This way you can avoid overeating and pace yourself with your food choices.
  2. Avoid distractions while eating. Sit and eat with your loved ones. Sitting on the couch and watching television can distract you from knowing when you are full.
  3. Go for the veggies first! Veggies are full of fiber and vitamins. Just because it is holiday season does not mean we should be dodging them. Try making a tasty roasted veggie side dish or make a beautiful fall salad incorporating some seasonal fruit like pomegranates or persimmons to brighten it up.
  4. Engage is some sort of physical activity after eating, like going on a walk. Doing so can naturally lower blood sugars levels or possibly make room for dessert.
  5. Choose the smaller plate. This can help you with portion control.
  6. Moderation is key. Serve yourself a little bit of the foods that you are wanting. Helps avoid overly indulging in a specific food.
  7. Be aware of your holiday beverages! Eggnog, hot chocolate, alcoholic beverages, etc. can be high in saturated fats and calories. Try to opt for sparkling waters and low sugar teas and coffee.

Hope these tips help! Happy Holidays!

The author is a registered dietitian with NorthBay Healthcare.

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