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An Interesting Look At Mental Health's Impacts

June 27, 2018

I read an awesome blog this month about maternal depression, intimate partner violence and the impacts this has on children.

Lewis First, M.D., editor in chief of Pediatrics wrote on the American Academy of Pediatrics website a piece titled "Maternal Depression and Intimate Partner Violence: Impacts on Children."

Dr. First points out the importance of considering the adverse effects on the children of mothers with depression and who are victims of physical or sexual violence. He points to a study published earlier this year that looked at the impact in such situations on the cognitive development and physical growth of more than a thousand toddlers in Tanzania. "The results of the data collected are quite troubling and show that when both depression and intimate partner violence (IPV) were present in a mother, there was developmental delay in multiple cognitive modalities," Dr. First notes. "In addition, IPV even without maternal depression was associated with expressive communication delay. While depression did not show an association with poor growth, IPV did increase the odds of a child showing stunted growth compared to toddlers whose mothers did not experience IPV."

Dr. First concludes that it is increasingly important for those who care for infants and toddler to recognize the impact maternal adversity can have on children and to refer these mothers "to clinical, psychological, and social service supports that will not only help them develop strengths to overcome these adversities but in doing so, provide their children with the strengths and resiliencies to help them further their growth and development."

To read First's full blog, visit:

If you or someone you know is suffering from or with either or both of these issues there is help:

Solano Advocates for Victims of Violence (SAVV): or (707) 820-7288

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): or (707) 422-7792

SafeQuest (English & Spanish speaking): or (707) 422-7345

Solano county Mental Health Services:

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