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Some Tips on Halloween Safety

October 30, 2018

Halloween is an exciting time for kids. They get to dress up, stay up late and eat candy. But all that excitement comes with some risks, so parents need to take some simple steps to make sure their youngsters stay safe, happy and healthy.

Costume safety is the first step in preparing your little one for the big night. Costumes should be easily visible in the dark but also the right fit is important, said NorthBay Healthcare pediatrician Judy Yang, D.O.. "You can prevent tripping or entanglements by making sure costumes aren't too big or long," she said. "And avoid masks that can block vision. If your child wears one, it should have large eye, nose and mouth openings. You can also opt for makeup or face paint."

Dr. Yang also suggests having your little trick-or-treater carry a reflective bag for their candy, carry glow sticks or use reflective tape on their costumes. And provide them with adult supervision so that they stay on sidewalks, cross only in crosswalks and obey other common pedestrian safety rules.

Finally, check your child's candy hoard when they get home, said Dr. Yang. Look for choking hazards and throw away any candy that is not sealed with a wrapper.

Dr. Yang adds that limiting the amount of candy eaten is really important. "Parents should have kids pick out their top 5-10 pieces (to eat one piece daily after Halloween, and brush teeth really well afterwards!), and then donate the rest."

There are a number of ways to donate candy to active duty military, those deployed overseas and veterans. Here is link with more information on various programs:



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