Choose Well. Choose NorthBay.

When choosing a health plan make sure NorthBay Healthcare is part of the network.

NorthBay Healthcare is a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network giving our patients access to Mayo Clinic knowledge for hard-to-solve medical problems, just-in-case. Learn more about the benefits to our patients.

When you choose NorthBay Medical Group you'll find more than 90 doctors who will help you stay healthy and listen to your concerns. Click here to find the best doctor for you.

When it comes your health, easy access to convenient locations counts! NorthBay Healthcare takes great pride in offering healthcare, where you need it, close to home. In addition, we offer same-day appointments until 8pm, seven days a week so you can get care when YOU need it. See for yourself.

"Don't get sick" is not a health plan.

Now, this is what a health plan should be!