Orange speech bubble with the question: Is it safe to be seen in person?

Exceeding CDC guidelines in safety prodedures...always.

Red speech bubble with the question: Do you offer video visits?

Get care online, no need to leave the comfort of your home or office.

Dark purple speech bubble with the question: Are your doctors accepting new patients?

Nearly all of our doctors are accepting new patients.

Grey-blue speech bubble with the question: Will I have access to Mayo Clinic expertise?

Our participation in the Mayo Clinic Care Network allows our physicians to get answers for patients, so they can stay close to home while getting great care and expert advice to complex questions.


Accepted Health Plans

We accept a wide array of health plans. Make sure NorthBay is included in your health plan's hospital and physician network.

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Text-based image that reads: Choose WHA, Choose NorthBay.

Open Enrollment FAQs

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