Spencer Goss, N.P., Nurse Practitioner, NB Palliative Care Program

Spencer Goss, NP

Advanced Health Practitioner, Palliative Care
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I chose to go into the medical field largely due to my mom who is a registered nurse. My parents owned a few board and care homes for dementia patients when I was growing up as a child. We had patients/residents living in our home growing up so I have been exposed to elderly patients and caregiving my entire life. My first high school job was as a cook in the care home (also spawning my love of cooking).

My role as a Palliative Care NP is to make sure you are receiving the type of care that you want to receive. I like being able to review your options with you and then support you in your decisions. I believe that all patients/families should be making informed decisions about their care.

I want each and every patient to know that I have time to listen. I want to hear and learn about you. I do not have an agenda when I walk in to meet you and/or your family. I try to elicit what is important to you, what you need, help you understand your conditions, know your options, communicate between all your different doctors, create a plan for the future, and then support you in achieving that.

My style of working with patients is simple; I pull up a chair and listen. I would rather listen than talk. My approach is to get you (the patient) talking so I can hear your story from you.Only then will I be able to advocate for you and help create a plan of care that is consistent with your goals.


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