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NorthBay Guild has scholarships available for teen students beginning college who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. The applicant must have a minimum of 100 volunteer hours within the past two year period. Applications are due by the last Friday in April. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please send an email to to request an application for the following scholarships:

Elizabeth D. Balmer Teen Volunteer Guild Scholarship
Any teen volunteer active in the NorthBay Hospital Guild who intends to pursue a health care curriculum at an accredited college, university, or technical school may apply. The applicant must have a minimum of 100 volunteer hours within the last two year period. The teen volunteer must be a graduating senior and have a 3.0 GPA out of a possible 4.0. Scholarships will be awarded based on a student's volunteer activities, school and community service, and desire to enter a health care profession.

Martha S. Orr Scholarship
The Martha S. Orr Scholarship is open to all graduating seniors of Vacaville High School with a 2.0 or higher GPA who have demonstrated a desire to pursue a nursing, medical, or health career. All applicants must submit a copy of their transcript, the common application, a short essay sharing why they are interested in the health care field, goals, and plans, and include three letters of recommendation from a teacher, a counselor, and an adult family friend. Orr family members will participate in the selection of the final awards.

NorthBay Hospital Guild Scholarship
Applications are available for any NorthBay Healthcare employee or Guild volunteer who is presently attending or who has been accepted to a school or college to further their education in the medical field. In order to apply, a 3.0 GPA, out of a possible 4.0, is necessary. Scholarships are awarded annually based on his/her employment and volunteer activities, school grades, community service, and a desire to upgrade and further their education in the health care profession.

Completed applications need to be returned to:

     NorthBay Guild
     Attn: Scholarship Committee
      4500 Business Center Dr.
       Fairfield, CA 94534