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NorthBay Guild members hold a number of sales throughout the year, featuring everything from jewelry to artwork, and handbags and ceramics. The products are affordable and make excellent gifts and all proceeds returned to NorthBay Guild, which in turn uses the funds for patient comfort services and as a benefit for a variety of hospital programs, including Cardiac Rehabilitation, the A Baby is Coming Clinic, NorthBay's trauma and Joint Replacement programs, to name a few.

You, too, can support the Guild's fund-raising efforts by shopping at one of the Guild's upcoming Sales:

May 2015
27 - iCandy, VacaValley Conference Room
28-29 - iCandy, NorthBay Medical Center Annex

June 2015
11-12 - Masquerade, VacaValley Hospital
29-30 - Heavenly Shoes, NorthBay Annex or Gazebo

July 2015
1 - Heavenly Shoes, VacaValley Hospital Patio
27 - CareWear, VacaValley Hospital Patio
28 - CareWear, NorthBay Medical Center Gazebo

August 2015
24-25 - Picture Perfect, NorthBay Medical Center Annex
26-27 - Picture Perfect, VacaValley Hospital Patio
28 - Picture Perfect, Green Valley Administration Center

Oct. 2015
28 - Care Wear, VacaValley Hospital Patio
29-30 - Care Wear, NorthBay Medical Center Annex

Nov. 2015

Dec. 2015
3-4 - Masquerade $5 Sale, NorthBay Medical Center Annex