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NorthBay's teen program offers an opportunity to explore careers in the medical field, a positive, worthwhile experience in exchange for time and energy dedicated to the job, an opportunity to meet professionals in the medical field, references and recommendations for college or another job, and the opportunity to apply for NorthBay Guild and California Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Scholarships if entering medical careers.

1) Requirements to Volunteer

  • Interest in healthcare as a career.
  • Age 14 to 17 years and a high school student within Solano County.
  • Recommendation from a school counselor or teacher.
  • Ability to volunteer 8 hours per month.
  • Completed application.

2) Your Responsibility as a Teen Volunteer

NorthBay Healthcare is proud of the high level of ethical standards and practices it maintains.  Our focus is on quality patient care.  As a Teen Volunteer, it is vital that your conduct reflects the high standard of ethical behavior expected by NorthBay.

3) To be an active Teen Volunteer, one must have

  • A genuine interest in NorthBay Healthcare and its services to the patients and the community.
  • The physical and mental ability to carry out the necessary tasks.
  • The time to give regularly scheduled assignments.
  • A sense of obligation to be on the job for any accepted assignment.
  • A readiness to receive instruction and supervision.
  • The willingness to accept not only the responsibilities, but also the restrictions that are necessary for the good of the patients, and the system.

4) Confidentiality

Confidentiality in healthcare terms means an obligation and a responsibility you have as a member of the healthcare family to keep to yourself any information whatsoever you learn regarding a patient.  Each and every patient’s right to confidentiality is to be completely respected.

5) Tips on Acceptable Performance as a Teen Volunteer

  • Give careful attention to actions, attitudes and appearance in the performance of volunteer duties.
  • Be sensitive to occasions when your presence might be inappropriate.
  • Leave personal problems at home.
  • Courtesy and cheerfulness in appropriate situations help to create a pleasant atmosphere and the spirit of cooperation.
  • Suggestions, criticisms, questions and problems should be directed through channels to achieve a positive end.
  • Abide by the rules of the services to which you are assigned.
  • Report to work only when free of communicable diseases.
  • Never go on duty with evidence of alcoholic beverages or drugs. This includes prescription medications.
  • Be prompt and dependable.
  • Do all you can to keep noise at a minimum in the performance of your duties.
  • Never perform a service for a patient without proper authorization.  When in doubt, check with the nurse.
  • Do not be afraid to say “NO” if you are asked to perform a service that conflicts with authorized teen volunteer activity or if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Volunteers do not accept tips.
  • Eat and drink only in the cafeteria or designated break areas. No smoking or chewing gum while on volunteer duty.
  • When on duty, do not visit personal friends who are patients in the hospital.
  • Practice good volunteer safety.
  • Do not ask personal favors of physicians or other staff members.
  • Perhaps the most sacred healthcare rule is that we never discuss patients or their illnesses, problems or peculiarities either in or out of the work place.
  • Remember to Respect Patient Confidentiality at all times


6) Interested in joining our program?

Please send documents with information to:
NorthBay Medical Center,
Attn: ICU / Maureen Allain,
1200 B. Gale Wilson Blvd.,
Fairfield, CA 94533

For further questions, please call Maureen Allain at 646-5030, Intensive Care Unit.