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Posted: February 12, 2020

With two physician specialists, a speech therapist and an audiologist busily serving patients, the new Ear, Nose, and Throat program at NorthBay Healthcare is flourishing.

“We are now up and running at full speed and have a great team,” said Murray Woolf, M.D., one of the two otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat specialists) in the program. He praised the value of the new program, “particularly with the capabilities that our audiologist and speech therapist bring to serve our patient population.”

Shaulnie Mohan, M.D., another of the otolaryngologists at ENT, also had high praise for the speech therapy and audio-logy providers.

“We are a tight-knit group with an aligned vision — which is to provide exceptional care to patients,” she said. “Having everyone under the same roof allows us to communicate effectively with one another and make sure patients get what they need to thrive.”

Audiologist Wendy Schreuder and Speech Therapist Scott Jackson bring decades of experience to their work. Audiologist Wendy Schreuder smiles through the window to the sound booth she uses for patient hearing tests at NorthBay’s ENT office.

Schreuder even helped in the design and equipment purchasing for the audiology part of the ENT center located on the third floor of the Gateway Medical Plaza. The setup includes a sound room, which houses a small table for when children are having their hearing tested as well as adult seating.

Having the doctors, speech therapist and audiologist all under one roof is invaluable, said Schreuder.

“It’s such a nice environment. If one of the doctors has a patient with hearing loss and needs a test, they come in and ask if I am able to accommodate it and, conversely, if I have a patient being tested and their ear is full of wax, I can ask the doctors to clean it out right then. So it’s really a good relationship and it works well,” she said. “It’s a team effort.”

Jackson agrees.

“To be able to grab one of the doctors and say ‘Can you look at this?’ or to have them do the same with me; just to collaborate as a team, is invaluable,” he said.

From patients who come in with both voice and swallowing issues after radiation for head and neck cancers, to professional voice users such as singers and actors, Scott’s voice therapy and swallowing therapy efforts are in high demand, he noted.

“There are not a lot of speech therapists who specialize in voice, and being centrally located is fortunate because I get patients from all over, not just from the NorthBay family,” he explained. “In addition, there are not a lot of specialists with the equipment I have.”

Jackson offers stroboscopy, a special tool that examines vibrating vocal cords. “It gives us a ton of information and I am able to follow up with therapy in order to help the patient,” he said. “I try not to just focus on one thing, but treat the whole patient because issues may include a reflux component, a core breath support component or tight muscles and I am able to get in and work on that with massage or myofascial release.”


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