Second Quarter DAISY Winners Blossom

Posted: October 9, 2020

Second quarter 2020 DAISY winners are Susan Pack, R.N., in the Mother/Baby unit, and Jayne Nanalis, R.N., in the 1800 Unit, and Loida De Vera, program coordinator for the Joint Replacement/Orthopedics program.

Sue was nominated by two patients. The first was a first-time Sue Pack, R.N., of the Mother/Baby Unit, poses with her DAISY sculpture.Mom who missed out on labor and breastfeeding prep classes because of COVID-19, but said she received plenty of reassuring care from her NorthBay Labor & Delivery team, and specifically Sue.

“Thankfully, I was blessed with Sue as my nurse on my last day. She took a lot of time out of her shift to help me with breastfeeding, with self-care and education that put me at ease. After delivery, I started having some pretty bad head and neck pain that was attributed to pushing positioning during labor and delivery. I was very uncomfortable and struggling to take care of myself and my newborn. She took the extra time to ask questions and get a full picture, and turns out I was actually experiencing a spinal headache. I ended up getting a procedure that thankfully provided instant relief. In her time as my nurse, Sue empowered me as a patient and as a new mom. I felt advocated for and completely trusted her with my care. She is an amazing educator and clearly has a passion for what she does. One thing she said that stuck with me that shift: “I want to leave you feeling and doing better than when I got you,” and I truly felt that she did just that. Sue didn’t know this, but I am a newer nurse myself. I learned so much from her about being a new mom, of course, but also about how to be a better nurse in practice. She showed me a different perspective to the type of impact you can have on your patients. Thank you SO much, Sue. You’re obviously in the right profession and I am so grateful for your compassion and care.”

Sue’s second nomination came from a new Mom who was also dealing with pain following an emergency C-section.

“Sue is a phenomenal nurse. She took time to explain in detail what our goal was and the evidence behind it. As a new mom, it is comforting to have a nurse who understands and supports my decisions. Not only was she attentive to my needs, she played a vital role in also reducing my pain with breastfeeding. She provided helpful tips that focused on my healing. She exemplified professionalism, compassion and selfless dedication. I truly appreciate her care and time. Please recognize her outstanding attitude and work ethic.”

Jayne is June’s nominee, selected by two patients.

“Ms. Jayne has been a wonderful nurse,” wrote her first patient. “She has taken good care of me, and pushed me to believe that I was going to be okay. She is a super sweet nurse and human. Having her as one of my nurses made my days go faster and not feel sad because my family members couldn’t be here. She did an extraordinary job. She loves what she does because she never came to my room sad or mad. She was always smiling, gave my treatment right on time, and kept me informed of everything. Thank you so much, you are awesome.”

“Ms. Jayne is one of the best nurses I have had,” noted her second patient. “She is a loving, caring, and compassionate nurse. She came to my room every time with a big smile on her face. She made sure that I had everything I needed and made me feel super comfortable, especially when no family members can be inside the hospital.

“I know she loves what she does, which is taking care of people’s lives. I admire her personality and her enthusiasm to help people feel comfortable.”

Loida De Vera, R.N., program coordinator, Joint Replacement/Orthopedics, is the Loida De Vera, R.N., poses with her flowers, certificate and sculpture.DAISY nominee for July.  

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude, from when I first met you at orientation to you stopping by with the gift bag,” the nominee wrote. “I never really got to see your face, however, I got all I needed through your eyes. You are truly able to calm the anxiety of being in the hospital with your warm, caring demeanor, all while maintaining a professionalism that makes one feel safe and well cared for. You were there every step of the way and seeing you when I came to after passing out was like having my own angel looking out for me. I’ve never met anyone that is more perfect in what they do than you. Your glow shines and screams the love you have for your job. The kindest, warmest and caring angel doesn’t come close to describing what I see in you. Thank you for being you and sharing you and your true professionalism with me in my time of need. You really made my experience something I will never forget.”


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