WHA Now Offers Two Medicare Advantage HMOs

Posted: October 13, 2020

Medicare patients who choose NorthBay Healthcare to meet their health care needs will find more plan options from which to choose this year: Western Health Advantage now offers two new Medicare Advantage HMO plans to Medicare beneficiaries in Northern California.

For the first time in more than a decade, Western Health Advantage plans will be available as a choice for Medicare beneficiaries, and those new to Medicare, during the annual enrollment period this fall, which begins Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7.

“A Medicare Advantage plan differs from regular Medicare coverage in that it offers richer benefits including coverage of deductibles, limiting out-of-pocket spending, prescription coverage and an over-the-counter coverage allowance,” explained Kelly Rhoads-Poston, senior marketing representative with NorthBay.

The bottom line is that “WHA Medicare Advantage offers the community a cost-saving option, over straight Medicare, to access NorthBay,” said Robert Coscione, vice president, payer strategy with NorthBay.

“Our growing number of members confirms there is a distinct difference in service from a community-based health plan, where you stay with doctors you know and trust, and get faster decision-making when you need it most,” said Garry Maisel, president and CEO of Western Health Advantage, in announcing the new plans. “Now, with the support of our founders Dignity Health and NorthBay Healthcare and our long-standing network of exceptional doctors and hospitals, we’re expanding health care access to Medicare beneficiaries who need more than what original Medicare can offer.”

For more information on the plans and any open enrollment questions, contact Kelly at (707) 646-3280.


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