05 NOV 2020

NorthBay Honored for High-Quality, Affordable, Patient-Centered Care

NorthBay Medical Group is one of just a few physician organizations statewide to receive the 2020 Excellence in Healthcare Award from the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) for top performance on clinical quality, patient experience and cost measures.

A key component of IHA’s statewide “Align, Measure, Perform” (AMP) program, the award recognizes physician organizations that perform in the top 50 percent in all three major AMP areas: clinical quality, patient experience and total cost of care.

Of the nearly 200 physician organizations statewide participating in the AMP program, fewer than 1 in 9 attained the Excellence in Healthcare Award performance standards for 2020, based on AMP results for measurement year 2019. The award was presented on Nov. 5 at IHA’s Annual Stakeholder Meeting.

“It is always nice to have external recognition for what we already know — that we are leading the way in providing the highest quality, patient-centered care,” said NorthBay Healthcare Group President Aimee Brewer in an email to staff announcing the award. “Congratulations to each member of our Ambulatory Division for contributing to this award.”

“We are honored to be recognized for improving health care quality, making sure patients have a good care experience and working to keep care affordable,” added Stephanie Tarter, director of Ambulatory Quality.

“Improving the quality of health care and making sure our patients have a good care experience requires a team approach,” added Shanaz Khambatta, D.O., medical director of primary care. “We couldn’t have done it without the dedicated engagement of our providers and clinical support staff.”

IHA President and CEO Jeff Rideout, M.D. commended the top performers, saying, “IHA is proud to recognize physician organizations that are truly leading the way to high-quality, affordable, patient-centered care.”


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