Dr. Kaufman Uses Chat to Make Vaccine Appeal

Posted: January 28, 2021

NorthBay Healthcare Chief Medical Officer Seth Kaufman, M.D., had a pretty straight-forward message for those who tuned in for his latest COVID-19 chat on the NorthBay Facebook page: When it’s your turn to receive the vaccine, go for it.

Dr. Kaufman spent the half-hour live streaming video chat updating viewers on the latest case numbers and hospitalizations in Solano County but fielded numerous questions on the vaccine rollout.

“Our hospital — and its tired, exhausted but utterly committed staff — is feeling like the surge status is improving,” he said. “But a word on vaccines. If you have the opportunity to get vaccinated, get vaccinated — not only for yourself but for the good of public health.”

Pointing out that thousands have been vaccinated locally and more than a million nationwide, he emphasized that the vaccines are safe and effective. Recent news of an investigation into allergic reactions to the Moderna vaccine in southern California should not “dissuade you” from getting vaccinated, he added, noting that the investigation found nothing out of the ordinary and the Moderna batch was approved for continued use.

Asked about how long immunity provided by the vaccine will last, he said it would require more time to study and also answered questions about adverse reactions, stating that the vaccine has been shown to be safe.

The next chat is scheduled for 10 a.m. on February 4 on the NorthBay Facebook page (Facebook.com/NorthBayHealthcare).


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