Fairfield Church Offers Hope with Gift Baskets

Posted: February 12, 2021

Hope Christian Church of Fairfield recently donated several gift bags to NorthBay Healthcare’s Environmental Services team, who are “the unsung heroes among unsung heroes,” according to Dennis Murphy, lead minister of the church.

“Since March of 2020, we have been praying for our community and all the healthcare professionals on the frontlines,” he explained. “As several of our members are doctors and nurses working in this most stressful time and conditions they have been inspired and lifted up by all the hard work and easily forgotten work of environmental services. As followers of Jesus, we get it — serving others sacrificially behind the scenes is a great act of love. We thought they deserved to be appreciated and noticed for what they do. After all, they’re the backbone of support cleaning up and doing a lot of sanitizing, keeping things safe so others can give the care.”

The bags included easy-to-grab treats such as Gatorade and power bars, and also came with some practical items.

“We also included some head bands with side hooks to hold their facial masks, and some really good hand cream to restore their skin from all that extra hand washing.

“One of my many part-time jobs working my way through college was a custodian at a health clinic,” he added. “I get it.”


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