Lung Cancer Focus of Facebook Chat

Posted: April 12, 2021

Lung cancer is the second most common form of cancer in the United States, but it is highly treatable and survivable if caught early.

That was the message during the latest Doc Talk Live event with NorthBay Healthcare pulmonologist Karan Julka, M.D., on March 30 on the NorthBay Healthcare Facebook page.

During the half-hour chat, Dr. Julka detailed how lung cancer is detected and confirmed, as well as risk factors such as smoking.

He also noted that finding a spot on the lung isn’t a cause for panic.

“Often when a patient is told they have a spot on their lung they get scared … worried they will die of cancer, but 90 percent of the time it is not cancer,” he said.

Even if a spot is cancerous, there are many treatment options, he added.

And he emphasized taking steps to avoid developing cancer in the first place or catching it very early when it is most treatable.

“Be defensive about lung cancer. If you are a smoker, quit. And even if you quit in the past, get screened. If we find it early we can save lives and stop a lot of heartache,” he said.

The full video of the chat is available on the NorthBay Facebook page at Healthcare.


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