NorthBay’s Annual Report Now Online

Posted: April 12, 2021

NorthBay Healthcare’s 2020 Annual Report is now live online, and details not only the difficult and challenging year the organization faced, but also how the community rallied in its show of support for our efforts to provide compassionate care, closed to home.

“Without precedent, 2020 was a time of unparalleled challenges for all Americans,” noted Konard Jones, president and chief executive officer, in the report’s welcoming video.

“It will be remembered as the Year of the Pandemic.”

Despite financial challenges, pandemic surges and fears, and yes, even wildfires, “NorthBay never wavered,” Konard said. “Our teams were relentless, staying on top of ever-changing guidelines, stretching limited resources, getting creative in delivering care in a safe and convenient way.”

Although the pandemic canceled or postponed many of NorthBay’s community outreach programs, typically outlined in the Annual Report, there was much to share in this year’s version. Find it here:


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