DPR, NorthBay Team Up in Support

Posted: September 22, 2021

Dana Drive Center Saved by Donations

At a festive celebration in front of The Leaven’s Dana Drive education center Sept. 14, DPR Construction announced it would partner with NorthBay Healthcare to keep the doors open to the Fairfield nonprofit education center.

DPR’s $25,000 donation will make a world of difference to the 18 children — from kindergartners to fifth-graders — who use the facility every day after school and during the summer as a safe place for tutoring and mentoring, according to The Leaven’s Executive Director Mark Lillis.DPR Construction’s Pete Kreuser shares his support for The Leaven.

While NorthBay Healthcare provides the facility rent-free, provides maintenance and pays for utilities, the DPR donation will help pay for staff and supplies and will ensure its technology and insurance are up to date, and that COVID protocols are followed.

The collaboration is greatly appreciated, said Mark. “There are a lot of organizations that have had to step up in a COVID year. Our kids need help, more now than ever. Having the partnership with NorthBay and DPR, knowing they see the importance of this center to the neighborhood and the community, it really means a lot.”

NorthBay’s Wayne Gietz shares his support for The Leaven.The donation aligned perfectly with DPR, whose mission is to be integral and indispensable to the communities it serves by supporting organizations that help under-resourced youth reach their potential, said Pete Kreuser, project executive at DPR Construction.

Headquartered in Redwood City, DPR is one of the nation’s top contractors and industry leaders in virtual design, construction and prefabrication. It partnered with NorthBay in 2015 when it was hired to construct a new, three-story expansion and upgrade for the NorthBay Medical Center campus.

DPR first became acquainted with The Leaven in October 2018, when it co-hosted a site tour at the NorthBay campus for Leaven students, who were able to learn more about careers in construction first-hand at the jobsite.

“We didn’t think twice when NorthBay reached out to us to help once they discovered that The Leaven was unable to remain open because of a decline in donations due to COVID,” said Pete. “We are honored to play a part in solidifying The Leaven’s impact on students, helping them succeed in school and beyond.”

NorthBay first engaged with The Leaven in 2016, donating use of Civic leaders and first responders joined NorthBay, DPR Construction and The Leaven leaders for the press conference and announcement Sept. 14.a duplex on Dana Drive, just across the street from the hospital, noted NorthBay Healthcare Group President Wayne Gietz.

“Since then, scores of youngsters have had their lives enriched — some probably saved — by The Leaven’s programs,” he said. “NorthBay is grateful to DPR for its generous donation. I’m sure the parents of the children who come here have peace of mind knowing their kids have a safe place to be after school.”

The Leaven not only helps with homework, but builds soft skills, provides inspiration, physical activity, reading support and a healthy snack, according to Mark.

The Leaven also benefits from partnerships with the city of Fairfield, as well as first responders and Travis Air Force Base, which provide volunteers who participate in a variety of ways, from reading to the children, helping with homework, shooting hoops, whatever makes sense.

“They interact and build positive relationships,” explained Mark.


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