18 NOV 2021

Congressman Honors Two NorthBay Women

Mary Jameson (above, left) and Stephanie Tarter hold the plaques they received from Rep. John Garamendi during a special reception honoring 42 Women of the Year in Woodland last week.
Mary Jameson (above, left) and Stephanie Tarter hold the plaques they received from Rep. John Garamendi during a special reception honoring 42 Women of the Year in Woodland last week.

Two stand-out leaders from NorthBay Healthcare have each earned a “Woman of the Year,” honor from Sen. John Garamendi, it was announced Nov. 9 during a presentation in Woodland.

Stephanie Tarter, R.N., director of Ambulatory Quality and Mary Jameson, director of Urgent Care, Women’s Health and the Center for Primary Care in Vacaville were both nominated by NorthBay Healthcare Group President Wayne Gietz who acknowledged their outstanding work to serve NorthBay patients and the community throughout the pandemic.

Mary and Stephanie were joined by 40 women — including nonprofit executive directors, educators, volunteers, politicians, business owners and other health care professionals — spanning Rep. Garamendi’s 3rd Congressional District, which includes Solano, Yolo, Sutter, Yuba, Glenn, and Lake counties.

“Every year I have the honor of recognizing the achievements and service of these distinguished women,” Garamendi said. “These leaders come from a variety of backgrounds, but every one of them has made a real difference to their communities and the people around them. It’s a privilege to be able to honor them.”

Stephanie and Mary were humbled and honored to accept the recognition, both from Garamendi, as well as from Wayne.

“Both Stephanie and Mary should be commended for the steadfast role they have played in improving the health of countless individuals in our community at large, through the duration of the pandemic” said Wayne.

When NorthBay Healthcare became one of the first hospital systems in the country to deal with COVID-19, both women stepped up to help in their divisions and haven’t looked back.

One of Stephanie’s first tasks was to organize a team of nurses to call every one of NorthBay’s most vulnerable, high-risk patients who were sheltered at home. Months later she organized COVID-19 vaccination teams that delivered first and second doses to NorthBay employees and first responders, and later to residents, through NorthBay clinics as well as Solano County mass vaccination clinics.

Mary, who was about to open a second NorthBay Urgent Care facility in Fairfield in March 2020 quickly turned it and one in Vacaville into safe COVID-19 testing stations for patients, while at the same time maintaining urgent care for patients with other diverse needs. She had to be nimble every time testing technology changed, helping build confidence in her staff while dealing with a nervous public. She was also able to share her newfound knowledge and skills with colleagues at area convalescent homes and skilled nursing facilities.

“For these accomplishments and many more, we salute Stephanie and Mary and thank them for always leading the NorthBay Way,” said Wayne.


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