01 MAY 2022

What’s in Your Comfort Kit?

A basket filled with three blankets with a candle next to it.
Your unique comfort kit doesn't have to cost much, it simply has to be unique to you and help you relieve stress.

The past two pandemic years have been stressful and exhausting, so this May – in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month – NorthBay Healthcare Psychologist Corinna Press, Psy.D, is recommending a self-care project that can be both restful and rejuvenating.

It starts with creativity and a box. Or a basket. Or storage bin. 
The final product will be your unique Comfort Kit, ready at a moment’s notice to be opened when nerves are frayed, or you just can’t sleep.

“What you choose to put in it will be as unique as you are,” explained Dr. Press. “It doesn’t have to cost much or take up a lot of space. The items you place inside just need to speak to you.”

The nice thing is that one size does not fit all. Comfort kits are customizable to your unique needs.

“Not only can the kit be an engaging challenge to put together,” added Dr. Press, “but it can also be fun when you open it months later and find things you’d forgotten about.”

To get started:

  1. Pick a container that pleases you. Does it look like a treasure chest? A gift box? A duffle bag? Does it have stripes? A bow? Bright colors? Make sure it’s big enough to hold your special items.
  2. Find a private place to stow it out of reach from curious family members. Of course, you can share if you want. It’s up to you.
  3. Decide what kind of materials you want to include, and start collecting. Here are some ideas:
    • A journal
    • A favorite book
    • A deck of gratitude cards or positive affirmations
    • Favorite candy or treat 
    • Essential oils or lotions
    • Bubble bath soap
    • Candles
    • Weighted blanket
    • Photos of loved ones, or photos from fun times
    • Stress relief tea
    • Coloring book and pencils
    • Tissues (just in case)
    • Fuzzy socks or slippers
    • Positive notes from yourself or others
    • Crossword puzzles or word searches
    • Jigsaw puzzle


“Obviously, there are countless ideas and items that could be considered,” said Dr. Press. “If you take the challenge and create your own kit, please share details!” 

Send a photo of your comfort kit to dbarney@northbay.org. We’ll share some of the best ideas in a future Pulse.

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