25 AUG 2022

Three New DAISY Winners

Jennifer Ramos, R.N., (center, holding bouquet), a clinical nurse in the  Emergency Department at NorthBay Health Medical Center, was honored with the DAISY award by the grateful mother of a young  patient.
Jennifer Ramos, R.N., (center, holding bouquet), a clinical nurse in the Emergency Department at NorthBay Health Medical Center, was honored with the DAISY award by the grateful mother of a young patient.

Award Presentations in ED and at Unit 1600

Three new DAISYs have been named, and they include nurses from NorthBay Health Medical Center’s Unit 1600 and the Emergency Department. One — Nick Dela Pena — received a record-breaking 17 nominations from a host of grateful patients and family members.

Nick is a Clinical Nurse II on the 1600 Unit, and he wasThe DAISY award honors nurses for their compassionate care. singled out for a variety of reasons, according to Jen Tudor, DAISY program coordinator. 

“Nick’s nominators said he was an extraordinary and amazing nurse — kind, sweet, and gentle,” Jen said. “Comments included ‘always with a smile, enthusiasm, patience.’ They noted his professionalism, saying he was very thorough and on top of his game, ‘a perfect 10.’ One patient said ‘his love and kindness, his empathy and compassion for me was heartwarming in a very scary time. He showed compassion and comfort in my time of need.’”

“He makes a difference in this world we live in to this day,” noted another patient. “Nick is the kind of nurse Nick Dela Pena received 17 nominations.that will make a difference in everyone’s life. It is a blessing to have met an extraordinary and kind nurse like Nick.” 

Patients also praised his competence and communication. 

“He greatly increased my confidence in this medical facility, my comfort level, and I feel he has contributed a great deal to the speed of my recovery… He explained everything I needed to know. He answered all of my questions that I have asked him, even the harder questions.” 

Tayler Tildsley, a Clinical Nurse II on the 1600 Unit, was nominated by a patient’s family, for the “amazing care” she provided their father. 

“Tayler is very thorough and prompt with his care. She’s patient, kind, and compassionate toward us. She listened and answers all our questions even though we’ve already asked them. Today, she worked tirelessly without a break. I even saw her walking one of herTaylor Tildsley shows off her award and flowers. patients outside as I was coming back to the hospital. She is cheerful and positive and puts her patients first. She’s calm even when things are hectic. We are grateful that we got to have Tayler as our dad’s nurse. She exceded the descriptions on the back of professionalism, collaboration, support, critical thinking, empathy, education, etc.”

Jennifer Ramos, a Clinical Nurse II in the NorthBay Health Medical Center Emergency Department, was nominated by a patient’s mother. 

“I wanted to recognize Jennifer for her excellent nursing care. In May 2022, my husband took our 1-year-old daughter Elsie to the Emergency Department. In the month prior to this visit, Elsie had been to the ED four times and was hospitalized at Children’s Hospital Oakland. We encountered countless nurses from all these visits but Jennifer really stood out from the rest. 

“Elsie required supplemental oxygen and was not eating or drinking; during her previous hospitalization she required high-flow oxygen and IV hydration for several days. For the past few days prior to this ER visit, she would only accept orange Gatorade from her favorite sippy cup. She would not drink water, Pedialyte, or even her milk, and my husband unfortunately forgot her sippy cup at home. 

“It would have been easy for Jennifer to request IV fluids from the doctor or to just disregard this entirely, but she went out of her way to find a way for Elsie to get some oral fluids. It was 4 a.m. but she searched the hospital for some orange Gatorade and ended up purchasing some for Elsie with her own money. 

“At this point she could have simply handed the bNick Dela Pena and Tayler Tildsley (front row, holding bouquets), both clinical nurses on Unit 1600-1700, were honored with the DAISY award during a recent presentation, and many on the team turned out to cheer them on.ottle of Gatorade to my husband, but she took the time to find a baby bottle and prepared it for our daughter. Elsie accepted it and was able to avoid an IV stick and a potential hospital stay. Jennifer really went above and beyond to ensure that during the few hours Elsie was under her care, she received the best care possible,” her mother wrote.

The not-for-profit DAISY Foundation is based in Glen Ellen, and was established by family members in memory of J. Patrick Barnes.

Patrick died at the age of 33 in late 1999 from complications from an auto-immune disease. The care Patrick and his family received from nurses while he was ill inspired this unique means of thanking nurses for making a profound difference in the lives of their patients and patient families.

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