01 SEP 2022

Flu Season Ahead

Drive-up and in-clinic vaccination efforts will begin in mid-September, running through the first week of October. Appointments will be required; patients can call (707)646-5500 to schedule.

After a two-year lull, the flu may be coming back this fall – with a vengeance.

Public health experts watch the Southern Hemisphere each summer to anticipate what will happen with flu in the United States each fall and this year the data shows cases surpassing pre-pandemic levels, prompting some concern about what’s in store for Americans.

At NorthBay Health, vaccine has been ordered and both drive-up and in-clinic vaccination efforts are scheduled to begin in mid-September, running through the first week of October. Patients will be required to have an appointment, which can be scheduled by calling 646-5500.

NorthBay will provide a variety of flu vaccine options, including Fluzone High-Dose for seniors age 65 and up. While flu seasons vary in severity, during most seasons people 65 years and older are at greatest risk of severe flu disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Given their increased risk of flu-associated severe illness, hospitalization, and death, the CDC is recommending the use of the high-dose vaccine for older adults.

Another concern for the coming flu season is that low case numbers for the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic may lead people to think they need not worry about the flu.

The flu virtually disappeared for the 2020 and 2021 flu seasons, as people were taking steps to avoid COVID by practicing good hand hygiene, masking and social distancing. Those efforts also help to avoid flu.

“With the draw-down of social distancing measures and masking, I predict that this year’s flu season will be much more ‘normal’ (in other words, bad) than in the last couple of years,” said NorthBay Health pediatrician Michael Ginsberg, M.D. “Flu shots can prevent you from getting sick, but they are particularly effective at preventing serious illness. People who are vaccinated and go on to catch flu have shorter, milder courses and are 70 percent to 90 percent less likely to get admitted to the hospital than unvaccinated patients.”

The side-effects of the vaccine are minor (soreness, a day of feeling a bit off) he added. “The vaccines can’t give you flu, they can’t give you a cold, and they’ve been in use for almost 90 years,” he said.

For needle-shy patients between the ages of 2 and 49, FluMist may be an option. “Patients who are interested should ask their doctor if they are appropriate candidates for this product,” he said.

Learn more about the flu and why you should protect yourself and your family by getting vaccinated. Established NorthBay Health Primary Care patients can contact their provider or schedule a vaccine appointment by calling (707) 646-5500.

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